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Simplifying and Scaling your Real Estate Business - Tarl Yarber

South Jersey Real Estate Investors Association


Real Estate Investing tips from Tarl Yarber

The following information is sourced and summarized from a SJREIA webinar by Tarl Yarber on 9/2/2020. For the full conversation, visit the resources tab at

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate investing or you’re looking to expand your current portfolio, having systems in place is one of the most critical components to a thriving business. Mistakes are part of any learning curve, real estate investing included. Tarl Yarber offers his insight and experience on how to learn from mistakes, create systems, and ultimately thrive in the real estate investment world.

Learn From Your Mistakes

“Crap will always happen in this business.” Take the time to be self-analytical, self introspective, and take responsibility for your problems. Everything is your fault. Every decision you make for your business is up to you. You hire the contractors, choose the properties, select the design, and so on. When you accept that everything is up to you, you then have the power to change what is happening. From structural mistakes to contractor mistakes, it is the real estate investor’s responsibility to take ownership of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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