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Continued Advocacy: Under One Roof



Under One Roof made a big entrance as the coalition stood to represent the landlord voice across New York State when the Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019 came into play. With a plan to stand together and address the unintended consequences for both tenants and landlords, the coalition voiced concerns with more traction than just a local association.

This coalition continues to provide connections to lobbyists with the ability to make change on a statewide and local level. Through current times, they still work on fielding requests, calls, and inquiries. The access and push for action has and will continue.

Join the conversation on Real Estate Roundtable, where the attendees touch base on Under One Roof:

Monthly Meeting- Rob Fishbein & Brian Aguirre


At the next FFREIA Monthly Meeting on July 9th from 7 pm- 8:30 pm, you won't want to miss hearing from these professionals! 

 Brian Aguirre, a Home Depot Pro National Accounts Manager, will guide FFREIA members through Home Depot Pro offerings. Home Depot Pro provides FFREIA members with valuable resources through several products and services.

Rob Fishbein is a founder of JM Real Estate Capital and expert in investor and commercial financing. Learn not only about their products and services, but gain insight from a lender's perspective. Rob comes from a background in stock & bonds on Wall Street and has been in the mortgage business since 2002. 

See you there!

Housing Demand Above Pre-Pandemic Levels


If you’ve tried to buy a house during this time, you may be surprised at how quickly viable homes are being snatched up. Despite the pandemic, housing demand continues to rise. Some experts indicate it is 25% above pre-pandemic levels.

Homes are selling at higher prices in part due to new listings being down by an average of approximately 27.1% from a year ago, as Zillow reported. The following chart shows the decreased percentage of listings for key cities in each state. With more buyers than sellers, this low inventory has obviously maintained an optimal seller’s market.

While the quantity of stock is lower than last year, there are different predictions for how the second half of 2020 will pan out as well as the beginning of 2021. For buyers, there may still be heavy competition for a home, but the upside is the low mortgage rates that are likely to remain. For sellers, the low stock should continue to create low competition, setting the homeowner up for a higher likelihood of finding the right buyer. Throughout this selling season, and in the foreseeable future, people are adapting to key methods like 3D home tours, video vignettes and better photography. Taking advantage of those tools can help make the process successful.

Landlord & Tenant Law Practices in NY


With the amount of information going around, make sure you are up-to-date with the right information. For landlords specifically, that means staying current with laws and regulations.

Join expert, Jaime Cain, Esq. as she has a round table discussion in her video (Episode 60) regarding the statutes for landlord and tenant practices in NY. As we saw in 2019 with the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act, certain dynamics around long-term real estate investing have changed. She'll guide you through each RPL and RPAPL section with her deep insight and expertise in real estate law.

Along with going through those regulations, she'll take you through what to watch out for in light of COVID-19 and the court reopening process.

June 18- Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies (AREIS) at 7 PM
June 25- Landlord Support Group at 7 PM
July 2-Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies (AREIS) at 9 AM
July 9-Landlord Support Group at 8:30 AM
July 9- Main Monthly Meeting at 7 PM
July 16Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies (AREIS) at 7 PM
July 23- Landlord Support Group at 7 PM

From Leon Griggs & Mary D’ Alessandro


Hello Everyone,

Earlier this month, I took the opportunity to respond to an email from Mary D’Alessandro. She sent the email to the Under One Roof coalition group led by Deborah Pusatere and Jaime Caine, Esq.  In her email Mary did an excellent job outlining the challenges we have as housing providers.

Our objective is clear - We (as real estate investors) are in a fight and we need your help. We need everyone's help. Please take a few minutes to read my email reply to Mary and listen to the documentaries I suggest. I hope you find the information enlightening.

Also, Jaime and Boylan Code LLP hosts an informational meeting a 2 PM each weekday. The sessions are abundant with real estate information that impacts everyone reading this email.

Leon Griggs Jr, President Freedom First REIA, Ltd.

Please see the outlines of challenges we face and coinciding actions through Mary's email below:

Housing Providers and  Management Companies,

I'm going to lay it on the line for you. I'm not a drama queen, what effects you also effects me.  I am not asking of you anything that I am not willing to do myself. What is being said in this letter are my thoughts, if you have a problem you can take it up with me.  I have attached articles as proof of fact of what our industry is up against.  

  • New York City eviction moratorium till April 2021.( You think it wont come here?)
  • The goal is to take our properties and turn into affordable housing.
  • Good Cause Eviction
  • And of course The Tenant Protection Act
  • Rent Control

In the last 10 months since The New Tenant Protection Act went into effect we have:

Property Leads: A Key Resource for Real Estate Investors


As a property investor, it’s of the essence to receive timely property leads as well as sending out your own leads. Members of FFREIA are privy to property leads that come in as well as being able to share leads to over 1,000 Real Estate Investors.

If you are a member and haven’t taken advantage of this resource as well as the FREE member website, you’ll want to make a move on this right away! Your professional website will provide the necessary details that buyers and sellers want to know about you and your company. With access as well to use the free report for sellers, when a seller views the report, you’ll receive a notification along with their contact information for follow up. This is a fantastic tool for generating contact leads!

To view posted properties, take a look here at the property list webpage. Once you are on the page, in the dropdown tab, you can filter based on whether you want to view all properties, single-family or multifamily. From there, you can filter even further with pricing, number of rooms, location, etc. To post your own properties, simply sign in with your website login info and click “post property” at the top of the property list webpage.