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Property Leads: A Key Resource for Real Estate Investors


As a property investor, it’s of the essence to receive timely property leads as well as sending out your own leads. Members of FFREIA are privy to property leads that come in as well as being able to share leads to over 1,000 Real Estate Investors.

If you are a member and haven’t taken advantage of this resource as well as the FREE member website, you’ll want to make a move on this right away! Your professional website will provide the necessary details that buyers and sellers want to know about you and your company. With access as well to use the free report for sellers, when a seller views the report, you’ll receive a notification along with their contact information for follow up. This is a fantastic tool for generating contact leads!

To view posted properties, take a look here at the property list webpage. Once you are on the page, in the dropdown tab, you can filter based on whether you want to view all properties, single-family or multifamily. From there, you can filter even further with pricing, number of rooms, location, etc. To post your own properties, simply sign in with your website login info and click “post property” at the top of the property list webpage.

Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies



There are many ways to invest in property and the community around you.  When you attend an
Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies meeting, members of FFREIA discuss a variety of means to invest.

Are you interested in learning more about property investment? Or do you know a lot about alternative investing and have a desire to teach others what you’ve learned? If you are at either end of this range, you won’t want to miss the AREIS meetings!

In a recent article, G. Brian Davis discusses some out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to alternative real estate investing like real estate crowdfunding websites, notes, and real estate syndications. Whatever you choose, when it comes to property investing, it’s important to keep informed and up-to-date on legislation surrounding each type of investing. Due to the potential legalities and revolving information, it helps to be a part of a group like FFREIA that provides access to experts and events that support investors like yourself.

Landlord Support Group & Solidarity During COVID-19


As April leaves and May greets us, we are seeing a huge decrease in new lease 
signings around the country. With a lot of counties and states extending the re-open date to June, are we going to see an even bigger dip in new lease signings?

How can we care for our tenants while staying in business as a landlord?

These are just some questions that may come to mind that you can bring up for discussion at our Landlord Support Group meetings, with the most recent this Thursday, May 14th from 9 AM to 10 AM.

With over 17 million people unemployed during this time, it is making a lot of sense why we are seeing such a decrease in new leases being signed. We are seeing more and more people not being able to pay rent. A survey from the National Multifamily Housing Council shows that around 31% of renters couldn’t pay their rent by April 1st . The council is only expecting the numbers to be worse for the rent due on May 1st . Over 13.4 million housing units were surveyed to collect this data.

Everyone seems to be struggling during this time, some more than others. If you’re a landlord and need advice, guidance, or even just someone to talk to about your experience come to one of our online Landlord Support Group meetings. You’re not in this alone and we can help each other navigate through this! Knowledge is power, and staying up-to-date with real estate laws and regulations in your area is crucial.

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Even though we’ve moved our sessions online, we hope the meeting content and connections have been beneficial! From having support as an investor to learning about current legislation from qualified experts, our aim is to help you succeed in your property investments.

When you have a moment to spare, please consider signing onto Facebook and leaving a review. It will only take a minute of your time:

Main Monthly Meeting: Presentation + Q&A with Steven Pheterson, Esq.


 Main Monthly Meeting
Presentation + Q&A with Steven Pheterson, Esq.

Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge and keeping
up-to-date with real estate law and regulations? You won’t want to miss the upcoming meeting in May! As a property owner, alternative investor or landlord, it’s imperative to keep informed with any current legislation.

Things can change quickly and often as we’ve seen in the last year. As property investors, we want to make sure that we keep up with new data. As an organization, we want to provide access to key resources for our members and this meeting will deliver important information you need!

Stay-tuned and mark May 14th in your calendar as FFREIA’s attorney, Steven J. Pheterson, Esq. brings his knowledge on real estate legislation to the table. He’ll address these current topics so be sure to bring your questions as he’ll hold a Q&A session after to answer any inquiries.

Stay Informed: Join Us Online



Upcoming Meetings in May

MAY 7 - AREIS- Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies will meet online at 9 AM      (networking at 8:30). Hosts to initiate the discussion are Joe LaBarbera and Scott Speer.

MAY 14 - Landlord Support Group via Zoom at 8:30 AM, hosts Pat Gallagher and Bob Napier will lead the discussion.

MAY 21 - AREIS- Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies will meet online at 7:00 PM (networking at 6:30). The hosts are Joe LaBarbera and Scott Speer.

Stay well and we hope to see you online!

Member Spotlight: Patrick Gallagher


To read the article visit: a

As a reminder due to COVID-19 all meetings are currently being held online. Join us for this week’s Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies (ARIES), April 16th at 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM (networking at 6:30) via Zoom Help spread the word by sharing the event post on Facebook with your friends:

Although April’s Investment Academy Session has been postponed, come participate in the Landlord Support Group Meeting April 23rd at 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM (networking at 6:30 PM):

Thursday, April 9th: Freedom First General Meeting


Join us online for the Freedom First General Meeting on Thursday, April 9th from 7-9 PM! Our special guest speaker, Jaime Michelle Cain, Esq. will be discussing important topics including current legislation on Tenant Stabilization, Fair Eviction and now COVID-19 tenant protections.

Jaime brings extensive experience and knowledge as a partner in the Real Estate department at Boylan Code LLP. Ms. Cain concentrates her practice in commercial and multi-family real estate transactions throughout New York State. She is well-known as the attorney and leader behind our efforts associated with Under One Roof.

Jaime Michelle Cain
assists buyers and sellers
in all aspects of real estate purchases, refinances, leasing and construction. In addition, Jaime represents local and regional banks in lender financing, including SBA 7 (a) and 504 programs. As part of her practice she represents owners, landlords, and investors and provides Fair Housing training and consultation to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws. Jaime is proficient in commencing and defending summary proceedings on behalf of clients for non-payment and breach of lease. She also defends landlords accused of violating the Fair Housing Act and the New York State Human Rights Law.We are honored to have Jaime join us and appreciate the time she has taken out of her schedule to speak!

As a reminder, due to COVID-19 we’re moved our meetings online via Zoom. Please register here:

Joining Efforts to Protect Our Homes


There is no doubt a national crisis upon us when it comes to health, work and our homes. Millions of Americans are faced with joblessness amidst the current pandemic. With the loss of income and/or the loss of health, a domino effect has occurred and has impacted almost every area of our lives.

Currently we all are experiencing tension in the face of an uncertain future. Whether that be health, career or home, we all have something at stake. When it comes to the housing market, there are several points of impact, from the renter to the investor or landlord.

For landlords, renting out property is a means of revenue. For some, this is their only means of income. Renters and landlords are both facing dire circumstances from either side of the spectrum.

Thankfully, there are organizations getting involved and working hard to see that individuals on all sides are being represented. Under One Roof Coalition as well as FFREIA are  pushing forward to help both tenants and property owners. Through the National Apartment Association, we are asking Congress to help renters & property owners to recover from COVID-19 and the housing issues it’s caused.

To help, please visit: and follow the link from the homepage.

As a reminder, due to Covid-19 we’ve moved our meetings online via Zoom. Next Thursday, April 9th, we will have Jaime Cain, Esq. from Boylan Code LLP as our guest speaker for the Freedom First General meeting. Jaime is the attorney and leader behind our efforts associated with Under One Roof. For more details or to register, follow this link:

Student Housing Contracts & COVID-19: What will Happen?


Landlords that rent out their properties for off-campus housing may be facing a bind. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused world-wide disruption in countless ways, creating economic issues. The housing market is no exception.

When it comes to student loan housing, landlords face the present challenge ahead. Some college students have left to be with their families and others have lost their jobs that pay for rent. This causes a dilemma for landlords that house off-campus students across the nation.

While students are trying to get out of contracts early, this creates a situation for the landlord. How will landlords bridge the gap?

For landlords that count on the rent to pay the monthly mortgage on the rented property are in a tough spot.

There is certainly compassion for students and landlords stuck in this quandary. If students are released early from their contracts, landlords bear the financial brunt of  the truncated agreement. 

“As the student housing industry grapples with how to respond to the pandemic, there is much uncertainty with how this will impact markets and leasing velocity,” says Christian O’Lone, regional property manager with DMG Investments. As stated via

Larger companies of multiple student housing units may be able to take this hit and continue. What about smaller-scale landlords?

Is there an out of the box solution to consider?

*This blog is not intended as a primary resource and may not have the most up-to-date information on the state of the market or the current state of COVID-19. Please see primary news reports for any revolving data and information.*