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Press Release: Under One Roof Coalition


For Immediate Release

February 12, 2020

UNDER ONE ROOF Coalition Urges Lawmakers to Reject
Good Cause Eviction and Universal Rent Control Legislation
Bill would hinder property owners’ ability to make improvements to
apartments and buildings, deter small business ownership, reduce
the availability of quality units throughout the state
ALBANY, NY – The Under One Roof Coalition today called on lawmakers to
reject the Good Cause Eviction and Universal Rent Control proposals that have
been introduced in the legislature.

“If this legislation were enacted into law, it would reduce the housing stock
across the state and deter others from owning property,” said coalition leader
Deborah Pusatere, a local landlord and President of the New York Capital
Region Apartment Association (NYCRAA).

“The Good Cause Eviction Bill creates a universal rent control model that would
be the most restrictive to date in the country. The amended bill caps rent
increases at 3 percent, an amount that would fail to cover tax increases,
inflation, annual operating costs and improvements required to meet
compliance standards of housing codes, ” said coalition leader Jaime Michelle
Cain, a partner at Boylan Code and Legislative Chair of NYCRAA.

Coalition members believe this proposal will lead to the decay of the rental
housing market. In states that have enacted similar laws, history has shown that
rent control decreases supply, reduces the quality of units and halts
development, while failing to add affordable housing units or address

“Small business landlords are already struggling under the current laws. This
policy will deepen the loss of control an owner has over the property, and will
cause additional landlords to sell, diversify or leave New York State entirely,”
added Pusatere.

UNDER ONE ROOF supports New Yorkers living in rental apartments and those
who own and operate them. The coalition works to protect New Yorkers' access
to quality housing, increase the economic impact of rental properties and foster
growth in the rental housing industry statewide. Together, we’re invested in
improving the apartment industry for all.


Rent Control: Should Landlords or Investors Be Worried?



Not long ago, The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA) passed a law right before   the NYC rent control laws expired. Keep reading before you zone out wondering, “why would this matter in Rochester?”

Those who rent out property within New York State will be impacted. Part G and Part M in Section 1 changes the way housing providers can control, maintain and practice when it comes to multi-family housing.

Part G indicates that any locality in New York State can now enact rent control if a “declaration of emergency” is enacted around available housing apartments. Based off the Emergency Tenant Protection Act (EPTA) of 1974, a declaration of emergency can be made if there is a rental vacancy rate less than 5% in the area.

If you are a landlord or investor, this is something you need to take into consideration. There are ways you can get involved and help address the potential, unintended consequences. Under One Roof is a coalition of landlords, tenants and industry partners urging state law makers to look at all unintended consequences.  Get involved at Under One Roof here: to join and help the cause. Read More...