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Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies



There are many ways to invest in property and the community around you.  When you attend an
Alternative Real Estate Investing Strategies meeting, members of FFREIA discuss a variety of means to invest.

Are you interested in learning more about property investment? Or do you know a lot about alternative investing and have a desire to teach others what you’ve learned? If you are at either end of this range, you won’t want to miss the AREIS meetings!

In a recent article, G. Brian Davis discusses some out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to alternative real estate investing like real estate crowdfunding websites, notes, and real estate syndications. Whatever you choose, when it comes to property investing, it’s important to keep informed and up-to-date on legislation surrounding each type of investing. Due to the potential legalities and revolving information, it helps to be a part of a group like FFREIA that provides access to experts and events that support investors like yourself.

The next AREIS meeting coming up is this week online on May 21st at 7 PM. Hope to see you there!


MAY 21ST : AREIS at 7 PM

May 28th : Landlord Support Group at 7 PM

June 4th : AREIS at 9 AM

June 11th : Landlord Support Group at 8:30 AM

June 11th : Main Monthly Meeting at 7 PM

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