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From Leon Griggs & Mary D’ Alessandro


Hello Everyone,

Earlier this month, I took the opportunity to respond to an email from Mary D’Alessandro. She sent the email to the Under One Roof coalition group led by Deborah Pusatere and Jaime Caine, Esq.  In her email Mary did an excellent job outlining the challenges we have as housing providers.

Our objective is clear - We (as real estate investors) are in a fight and we need your help. We need everyone's help. Please take a few minutes to read my email reply to Mary and listen to the documentaries I suggest. I hope you find the information enlightening.

Also, Jaime and Boylan Code LLP hosts an informational meeting a 2 PM each weekday. The sessions are abundant with real estate information that impacts everyone reading this email.

Leon Griggs Jr, President Freedom First REIA, Ltd.

Please see the outlines of challenges we face and coinciding actions through Mary's email below:

Housing Providers and  Management Companies,

I'm going to lay it on the line for you. I'm not a drama queen, what effects you also effects me.  I am not asking of you anything that I am not willing to do myself. What is being said in this letter are my thoughts, if you have a problem you can take it up with me.  I have attached articles as proof of fact of what our industry is up against.  

  • New York City eviction moratorium till April 2021.( You think it wont come here?)
  • The goal is to take our properties and turn into affordable housing.
  • Good Cause Eviction
  • And of course The Tenant Protection Act
  • Rent Control

In the last 10 months since The New Tenant Protection Act went into effect we have:

  • Organized with Under One Roof, NYCRA, Fingerlakes Landlord Association, Ffriea and other Landlord Associations across the state.  
  • We are blessed to have Jaime Cain donate her expertise to guide us with everyday briefings.
  • Up to the minute knowledge of bills being presented
  • Letters being written to our government officials opposing/supporting bills that effect us.
  • Meetings with Senators, Legislators, City council etc.
  • A paid Lobbyist that costs $8000.00 a month
  • We have a team at the state level and at the local level that DO NOT GET PAID  to fight on your behalf.
  • There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that is just too much to mention.  I can honestly say that this is a full time job for me that I am honored to do.

We can all agree that:

This will effect your business! 
This may be the end of your business!  None of us are protected from the effects of this.  If housing Providers go out of business so do management companies, small contractors etc. 

In addition to donating my time, I am committing to donate $100.00 a month to Under One Roof so we can continue.  We cannot fight this fight without money.  If your businesses are not important enough for you to contribute funds for us to do what needs to be done than why should any of us on this team devote anymore time to this effort.  This email will go out to over 100 people and I am asking each one of you contribute $100.00 a month to 

 It is far better to invest to stop harmful legislation than to try and change it.

It is going to cost money!

First Attachment:

New York’s City Council wants to make a pandemic worse.

Block evictions until April 2021, which would invite tenants to stop paying rent entirely and then bail out of the apartments in a year. 

Second Attachment:

New York Law Makers Push For Real Rent Relief Amid Covid-19 Outbreak  

This article may put everything in perspective for you especially the last 2 paragraphs: 

“There may be a silver lining in the crisis for housing advocates, though. If the pandemic hurts the housing market, both Goldiner and Weaver see an opportunity to buy distresses properties and turn them into affordable housing.  “We want to take over tons of housing and make it affordable,” Weaver said.

“This is a generational opportunity to shift the housing market,” she said. “We’re not trying to reset the housing market to where it was in February. We’re trying to win something completely different. 

Third Attachment:

New York Activists Announce “Massive Wave” of Rent Strikes Starting May1

Please read the article.  But if you don’t think it important, let me tell you what the last two paragraphs read.  Maybe then you will sit up and take notice.

Rent strike activists hope to organize tenants living under rich landlords across the city and the state. 

primarily landlords with large portfolios of dozens of buildings or more, and especially those with ties to Cuomo, who has received millions of dollars in campaign donations from the real estate industry. According to the activists’ statement, participants in the rent strike will include those financially unable to pay rent May , “and those who have organized entire apartment buildings to withhold rent, including tenants who refuse rent payments as an act of solidarity." 

Fourth Attachment:

Huge NY State Tenants Rights Victory: How it Happened

AOC had a facebook event about cancel rent today. They had 1.5K viewers.  They want free rent.  They want free rent from us and we can’t get 20 people to respond to an email.  I sent out an email this morning asking for the names of attorneys’ you use.  I got 2 responses.  I asked for the names of some housing providers that you knew or management companies, I got 2 responses.   

What should you do?   

  • Donate to  ( if you want to stop this cancer, it will cost money) We had a quote of $5000.00 for a retainer for a PR company.  
  • Send us names of landlords that you know, property management companies, attorneys', anyone that can help us get names.
  • Always forward our emails to other landlords. 
  • Donate to
  • Donate to

This is only the beginning!  They want it all!  If we don’t fight, they will get it all.  


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